We do not provide, as a matter of ordinary business practice, Certificates of Authenticity for our sales. At Coup de Foudre LLC we believe our detailed invoice offers superior legal protection to you, the buyer. Nevertheless, we recognize some buyers desire such paperwork either as an additional assurance or to pass along to a subsequent purchaser. Toward this end we have developed a certificate that utilizes items from the list below, along with other information deemed relevant.  For works on paper the information is somewhat different.

People or Culture
Place of Origin
Date of Creation
Material & Technique
Dimensions (h x w x d)
Object Description
Object Condition
Signature/Presentation Information
Catalogue/Exhibition References

Coup de Foudre, LLC is pleased to provide you with this (item purchased) and it is our judgment, as a dealer in objects of this kind, that the information set out above is accurate. If the Buyer shows that such information is inaccurate in any significant way and wishes to return the object to Coup de Foudre, LLC within 30 days from today, Coup de Foudre, LLC will accept the return and offer a full refund, which the Buyer agrees to accept as full satisfaction. The return of the object must be in the same condition as sold. Coup de Foudre, LLC also guarantees that with this purchase the Buyer gets good title to the object. If the Buyer's title is questioned and Coup de Foudre, LLC is promptly so informed by the Buyer, Coup de Foudre, LLC will either remove any cloud on the title or accept return of the object and give the Buyer a full refund, at Coup de Foudre, LLC's option. These guarantees extend only from Coup de Foudre, LLC to the Buyer named in the invoice for this purchase.

If Coup de Foudre, LLC has acted as a 'middleman' in this purchase any authenticating document the Buyer receives will come from the seller whom we represent. Coup de Foudre, LLC will inspect the item to ensure that it is as described by the original seller but we will not be responsible for refunds on such items.

In order to protect your purchase, an individually numbered tamper-proof seal (or white, hand-written number) has been placed on the item. This number, or numbered identification seal is the same as your invoice number and matches the seal on this certificate. Any attempt to remove seals or numbers will nullify this guarantee and release Coup de Foudre, LLC from any type of refund or liability concerning this purchase.

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