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APPLETON'S Cyclopaedia of American Biography. NY: 1898 - 1899.

AUSTIN, Robert B. Early American Medical Imprints 1668-1820. 1977.

BLAKE, John R. Short Title Catalog of 18th C. Printed Books in the National Library of Medicine. 1979.

BAL. Jacob Blanck. Bibliography of American Literature. 7 volumes. New Haven: 1955 - 1983.

BMC. British Museum General Catalog of Printed Books to 1955. multiple volumes. London: 1967.

BONI, Nell, et al. A Bibliographical Checklist ... Writings of Albert Einstein. 1960.

CBEL. Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature.

CHOULANT-FRANK. Ludwig Choulant. History and Bibliography of Anatomic Illustration. Translated and annotated by Mortimer Frank. NY: 1945

COLEMAN, Earle E. The "Smyth Report": A Descriptive Check List. IN: Princeton University Library Chronicle. 1976.

CRANDALL, Marjorie Lyle. Confederate Imprints: A Check List Based Principally on the Collection of the Boston Athenaeum. 1955.

DAB. Dictionary of American Biography. 14 volumes. NY: 1927- 1977.

DIBNER. Heralds of Science.... Norwalk: 1980.

DSB. Dictionary of Scientific Biography. 16 volumes. NY: 1970-76.

DURLING, Richard J. A Catalog of 16th C. Printed Books in the National Library of Medicine. 1967.

DUVEEN, D.I. Bibliotheca Alchemica et Chemica. 2 volumes. London: 1949.

EB. Encyclopedia Britannica. 11th edition & current edition.

EVANS, Charles. American Bibliography. (1959) Metuchen, NJ; 1967. 13 volumes in one, mini-print edition: 1639-1800.

FERGUSON, John. Bibliotheca Chemica. London: 1954.

FREEMAN 1977. R.B. Freeman. The Works of Charles Darwin. Kent: 1977 & University College, London: 1986.

FREEMAN 1978. R.B. Freeman. Charles Darwin. A Companion. Kent: 1978

FUNDABURK, Emma Lila. The History of Economic Thought & Analysis. 1973

GABLER, James M. Wine into Words. A History and Bibliography.... Baltimore: 1985.

GARRISON, Fielding H. An Introduction to the History of Medicine. 1960.

GM. Garrison Morton. A Medical Bibliography.

HONEYMAN. The Honeyman Collection of Scientific Books And Manuscripts. Sotheby Auction Catalogs, 7 volumes. London: 1978-1981.

HOWES, Wright. U.S. Iana. NY: 1962.

KELLY & BURRAGE. Dictionary of American Medical Biography. 1971.

LILLY. Notable Medical Books. 1976.

NEU, John. Chemical, Medical, and Pharmaceutical Books Printed Before 1800. 1965.

NORMAN. The Haskell F. Norman Library of Science and Medicine, Parts I, II, III. Christies Auction Catalogues. 3 volumes. NY: 1998.

NUC. The National Union Catalog pre-1956 Imprints. Washington, DC: 1968-

OCLC. On Line Computer Library Center. Dublin, Ohio. More than 40 million entries.

PMM. Printing and the Mind of Man. 1963 & 1967.

RLIN. Research Libraries Information Network. Palo Alto, CA.

SABIN, Joseph. Dictionary of Books Relating to America From Its Discovery to the Present Time. 15 volumes. Amsterdam: 1961.

SHAW, Ralph R. & SHOEMAKER, Richard H., editors. American Bibliography 1802-1810, 1814-1819, 1828, 1831-1839 plus Addenda Volume. NY & Metuchen, N.J.; 1958-1988. 27 volumes.

SOULSBY, B.H. A Catalog of the Works of Linnaeus. 1933 & 1936.

WAGNER/CAMP. The Plains and the Rockies. Columbus, Ohio: 1953.

WALLIS, Peter & Ruth. Newton and Newtoniana 1672-1975. 1977.

WHEELER. Catalog of the Wheeler Gift. 1909.

ZITTEL. History of Geology and Paleontology. 1962.

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