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ABIODUN, R., H. DREWAL & J. PEMBERTON. Yoruba: Art and Aesthetics in Nigeria. Zurich 1991. Wrapper, 103pp., 68 colour, 41 b/w,map, exhibition catalogue.

ABIODUN, R., H. DREWAL & J. PEMBERTON (eds.) The Yoruba Artist: New Theoretical Perspectives on African Arts. Washington: 1994. Wrapper, xii, 275pp., 28 colour,80 b/w, map.

ADAMS, M. Designs for Living: Symbolic Communication in African Art. Cambridge: 1982. Wrapper, 143pp., 112 b/w, 9 line, map., exhibition catalogue.

ADAMSON, J. (text), G.W. HUNTINGFORD (epilogue) The Peoples of Kenya. New York: 1967 [London: 1973]. Cloth, 400pp., 32 colour, 275 b/w,3 line, 2 diagrams, 2 maps.

ADLER, P. & N. BARNARD. African Majesty - The Textile Art of the Ashanti and Ewe. London: 1992. Cloth, 192pp., 131 colour,8 b/w, 2 maps.

ADLER, P. & N.BARNARD. Asafo! African Flags of the Fante. London: 1992. Wrapper, 96pp., 210 colour.

AFRICAN ARTS. Los Angeles: UCLA. A quarterly journal on African art published since the autumn of 1967.

AFRICAN NOTES. Bulletin of the Institute of African Studies. Ibadan: University of Ibadan; 1967. Wrapper.

AGTHE, J. Kunst: Handwerk in Afrika im Wandel. Frankfurt am Main: 1975. Wrapper, 147pp., 110 b/w, numerous line, maps. Catalogue from the Museum fur Volkerkunde.

ALGOTTSSON, S. & D. DAVIS, G. ROSS (photographer). The Spirit of African Design. New York: 1996. Cloth, 176pp., 204 colour.

ALLISON, P. African Stone Sculpture. London: 1968. Cloth, vii, 71pp., 99 b/w,4 maps.

ANDERSEN, K.B. African Traditional Architecture- A Study of the Housing and Settlement Patterns of Rural Kenya. Nairobi/Oxford/New York: 1978 (1977). Cloth, viii, 239pp., 229 b/w, 65 line, map.

ANDERSON, M.G. & C.M. KREAMER. Wild Spirits Strong Medicine: African Art and the Wilderness. New York/Seattle: 1989. Cloth, 152pp., 145 colour, 7 b/w,map, exhibition catalogue.

ANQUETIL, J. Afrique noire 1: Senegal, Mali, Haute- Volta, Cote-d'Ivoire. L'artisanat createur. Paris: 1977. Wrapper, 240pp., 112 colour, 135 b/w, 5 maps.

ANSPACH, E. (introduction). African Tribal Sculpture from the Collection of Ernst and Ruth Anspach. New York: 1967. Cloth, 4to., 31 pp, 49 b/w. Exhibition catalogue of figures, masks, doors, fetishes, etc. at the Museum of Primitive Art in NY.

APERTURE. Haiti: Feeding the Spirit. Number 126, Winter 1992 Special Issue. Wrapper, 76pp., 68 colour & 45 b/w.

APPLEYARD, D. Ethiopian Manuscripts. London: 1993. Cloth, 142 pp., 32 colour,103 b/w.

ARCADE GALLERY. African Tribal Sculpture. London: 1976. Wapper, 18pp., 1 colour, 24 b/w, exhibition catalogue.

ARDOUIN, C. & E. ARINZE. Museums and the Community in West Africa. Washington: 1995. Wrapper, 144pp., 69 b/w.

ARKELL, A. Darfur Pottery. Reprinted from Sudan Notes and Records: n.d. Volume XXII, Part 1, 1936. Wrapper, pp. 79 to 88 plus 16pp. of plates (46 b/w).

ARMSTRONG, R.P. The Affecting Presence: An Essay in Humanistic Anthropology. Chicago: 1971. Cloth, 236pp.

ARMSTRONG, R. P. Forms and Processes of African Sculpture. Austin: 1972 (1970). Wrapper, 36pp., 18 b/w.

ARMSTRONG, R.P. The Powers of Presence: Consciousness, Myth and Affecting Presence. Philadelphia: 1981. Cloth, xiii, 212pp., 85 b/w, 5 line drawings.

ARNESON, J.J. Tradition and Change in Yoruba Art. Sacramento: 1974. Folio. Wrapper, 80pp., 5 colour, 47 b/w. exhibition catalogue from the E.B. Crocker Museum.

ARNOLDI, M., C. GEARY, K. HARDIN. African Material Culture. Bloomington: 1996. Cloth, xiv, 369 pp., 50 b/w, 20 line.

ARNOLDI, M. & C. KREAMER, editors; M. AFOLAYAN, B. WASS, E. CAMERON et al (essays). Crowning Achievements. African Arts of Dressing the Head. Los Angeles: 1995. Cloth, 192pp., 153 colour, 98 b/w, exhibition catalogue from Fowler Museum of Cultural History.

ARNOLDI, M.J. Playing with Time-Art and Performance in Central Mali. Bloomington 1995. Cloth, 133pp., 20 colour, 92 b/w, map.

ARNOLDI, M., editor. Somalia in Word and Image. Washington: 1982. Wrapper, 32pp., 22 b/w, map, exhibition catalogue.

ART-DAS KUNSTMAGAZIN. No. 11, November 1980. Includes articles on Shona & Makonde art.

The art of west African kingdoms. Smithsonian Institution Press, 1987.

ARTS D'AFRIQUE NOIRE. Arnouville-France. Quarterly on the arts of Africa published since 1971.

ASIHENE, E. Understanding the Traditional Art of Ghana. Cranbury: 1978. Cloth, 95pp., 180 line, 1 diagram, 1 plan, 6 glossaries/charts.

ATKINS, G., editor. Mandingo Art and Civilisation. London: 1972. 47pp., 54 b/w,1 chart,2 maps, exhibition catalogue from the British Museum.


BEARDSLEY, Grace Hadley. The Negro in Greek and Roman civilization. Baltimore: Hopkins; 1929.

BLAKELY, T. D. & P.R. So'o masks and Hemba funerary festival. IN: Africa Arts, 21 (1): pp. 30-37, 84-86; 1987.

BLANDIN, Andre. Bronzes et autres alliages. Marignane: 1988.

BOURGEOIS, Arthur P. Kakungu among the Yaka and Suku IN: Africa Arts, vol. 14, no.1, pp. 42-46, 1980.

BOURGEOIS. Art of the Yaka and Suku, Meudon: Alain et Francoise Chaffin.

BOURGEOIS. The J. Hautelet kakuungu mask. 11 November 1989. Research paper prepared for Mr. J. Hautelet.

BRAUN, Barbara, editor. Arts of the Amazon. London: Thames and Hudson; 1995.

BURSSENS, Herman. Mask styles and mask use in the north of Zaire. IN: Face of the spirits. Masks from the Zaire basin. Catalog of the Exhibition, Antwerp, 1993.


CAMERON, Elisabeth L. Isn't s/he a doll? Play and ritual in African sculpture. Los Angeles: UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History; 1996.

COLE, H.M. and ROSS, D.H. The arts of Ghana. Los Angeles; 1977.

CORNET, Joseph. A Survey of Zairian art. The Bronson collection. Raleigh, N.C.; 1978.

CORONEL, P.C. Aowin terracotta sculpture. IN: Africa Arts, Vol. 13, No. 1, 1979, pages 28-35.

CZUMA, Stanislaus. Kushan sculpture: images from early India. Cleveland Museum of Art, 1985.


DARKOWSKI-NIDZGORSKI, Olenka & NIDZGORSKI, Denis. Marionnettes et Masques: Au Couer Du Theatre Africain. [St. Maur]: Editions Sepia; 1998. Wraps 207pp., 187 colour & b/w Text: French. In depth examination of the important role of the marionnette, or puppet, theatre in African culture

DE GRUNNE, Bernard. The Birth of Art in Black Africa: Nok Statuary in Nigeria. Paris: Adam Biro; 1998. Cloth, d.j. 11" x 9" 121pp, 66 colour (many full page), 18b/w, colour map Published in conjunction with the exhibition The Birth of Art in Black Africa - Nok Statuary organized by the Banque Generale du Luxembourg

DE MAREES, P. Description and historical account of the gold kingdom of Guinea, 1602. Translated by A. van Danzig and A. Jones. Oxford University Press; 1897.

DEROCHESNARD, Jean Florien. Album des Poids d'Afrique. 1978

DEWEY, William J. Sleeping beauties. The Jerome L. Joss collection of African headrests at UCLA. Fowler Museum of Cultural History, UCLA; 1993.

DUPRE, Marie-Claude, Etienne FEAU, Alphonse Gwete LEMA, Bruce PINCON, Colleen KRIGER & Sigrid SODERGREN. Bateke: Peintres et sculpteurs. Paris: Afrique Centrale Reunion des Musees Nationaux; 1998. Wraps 11" x 8.5" 299pp., 226 colour & b/w, map Text: FrenchPublished in conjunction with an exhibition at Musee National des Artsd' Afrique et d'Oceanie


EDDY, M. Crafts and Traditions of the Canary Islands. Aylesbury: 1989. 68pp., 63 b/w, 2 maps.

ELSEN, J. , FELIX, M.L. (preface). Tribal arms monographs. Vol. I, No. 1. Brussels: 1996


FELIX, M.L. 100 Peoples of Zaire and their sculpture: The hand-book. Brussels; 1987.

FELIX, M.L. Art & Kongos. Les Congo du nord. Les peulples Kongophones et leur sculpture Biteki bia Bakongo. Vol. I. Brussels; 1995.

FELIX, M.L. Ituri. The Distribution of Polychrome Masks in Northeast Zaire. Munich; 1992.

FELIX, M.L. Kipinga. Throwing-Blades of Central Africa. Munich Galerie: Fred Jahn; l991.

FELIX, M.L., JORDN, Manuel. Makishi lya Zambia. Mask characters of the upper Zambezi peoples/ Masken charaktere der volker am oberen Sambesi. Munich: 1998.

FELIX, M.L. Maniema. An essay on the distribution of the symbols and myths as depicted in the masks of greater Maniema. Munich Galerie: Fred Jahn; 1989.

FELIX, M.L., BATUWKISI, N., TURSCH, B., WEINRICH, K. Mwana hiti. Life and art of the matrilineal Bantu of Tanzania. Munich: 1990.

FELIX, M.L., KECSKESI, Maria. Tanzania: Meisterwerke Afrikanischer skulptur sanaa za mabingwa wa kiafrika. Munich: Verlag Fred Jahn, Haus der Kulturen der Welt und Stadtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus; 1994.

FERNANDEZ, James W., RENATE, L. Fernandez. Fang reliquary art: Its quantities and qualities. Cahiers d'etudes africaines, 1975, 60, XV-4, pp. 723-746.

FERNANDEZ, James W. Bwiti: An ethnography of the religious imagination in Africa. Princeton University Press: 1982.


GARRARD, Timothy F. Akan Weights and the Gold Trade. London: 1980

GLAZE, Anita J. The Senufo. IN: African Art from the Barbiér-Mueller Collection, Geneva. Munich: 1988.

GUNN, Michael (text), Pierre-Alain FERRAZZINI (photographs). Ritual Arts of Oceania New Ireland in the Collections of the Barbier-Mueller Museum. Skira: Milan; 1997. Cloth, d.j. 161pp., 43 full page colour plates, numerous other colour and b/w


HARLEY, George Way (1894- ). Masks as agents of social control in northeast Liberia. Cambridge, Mass.: The Museum; 1950. 45 pages, 15 pp. photo illustrations.

HARLEY, George Way (1894- ). Native African medicine; with special reference to its practice in the Mano Tribe of Liberia. [London] F. Cass: 1970.

HARLEY, George Way (1894- ). Notes on the Poro in Liberia. Cambridge, Mass.: The Museum; 1941. Frontis-map and photos.

HERREMAN, Frank & PETRIDIS, Constantijn, editors. Face of the spirits. Masks from the Zaire basin. Antwerp; 1993.

HERREMAN, Frank, WAGNER, M.D., BERNARD M., contribution. To Cure and Protect: Sickness and Health in African Art. NY: Museum for African Art; 1999. Wraps 64pp. 81 colour.

Hurst Gallery. Collecting African art 1890s - 1950s. Cambridge, MA.: March 1996.


IDIENS, D. & K.PONTING( eds.); D. IDIENS, V., A. LAMB, J. PICTON, L. ARONSON, K. NICKLIN, et al. Textiles of Africa. London: 1980. 211pp., 166 b/w, 9 line, 3 tables, 8 maps. Wraps


JACK, A.(text), H.SCHNEEBELI (photo.) Africa: Relics of the Colonial Era. London: 1991. 64pp., 73 b/w. ex. cat. Wraps


KOLB, Eric de. Ashanti Goldweights. New York: 1968.


LAUBER, Wolfgang (ed.), Wolfgang LAUBER, Lassana CISSE, Helene LELOUP et al. L'Architecture Dogon: Constructions en terre au Mali. Paris: Adam Biro; 1998. Wraps 11 3/4 x 9 1/2" 176pp., numerous colour & b/w, plans,maps.

LECOQ, R. Les Bamileke. Paris: Presence Africaine; 1998 (1953). Wraps, 221pp., 169 b/w photos, map.

LEUZINGER, Elsy. African sculpture. A descriptive catalog by --- Zurich: Museum Rietberg; 1963.

LEYTON, H. M. Goldweights. Amsterdam: 1979


MASSA, Gabriel. La Maternite dans l'art d' Afrique noire. [St. Maur]: Editions Sepia; 1999. Wraps, 191pp., colour photographs of 157 pieces from Ghana,Nigeria, Burkina-Faso,Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Tanzania, Sierra Leone,Congo and Mali. Published in conjunction with the exhibition organized by Societe des Amateurs de l'Art africain.

Masterpieces of Indian sculpture from the Nasli M. Heeramaneck collection. NY: 1979.

Metropolitan Museum of Art. Fifty centuries of art. NY. Catalogue for the museum's anniversary.

MEYER, Laure. Black Africa. Masks, sculpture, jewelry. Paris: 1992.


NIANGORAN-BOUAH, G. The Akan World of Gold Weights. Abidjian: 1984, 3 volumes. In French and English with excellent color photography.


OTTENBERG, Simon. New Traditions from Nigeria: Seven Artists of the Nsukka Group. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1997.

OTTENBERG, Simon. Seeing with Music: The Lives of Three Blind African Musicians. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1996.


PAL, Pratapaditya. Icons of piety, images of whimsy. Asian terra-cottas from the Walter-Grounds collection. Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1987.

PERROIS, Louis. Les Bwete des Kota-Mahongwe. Libreville: 1969

PERROIS, Louis. Art ancestral du Gabon dans les collections du musee Barbier-Mueller. Geneva: 1985.

PLASS, Margaret Webster. African Miniatures. New York: 1967.


QUARCOOPOME, Nii O., et al. African Form and Imagery: Detroit Collects. Detroit: Detroit Institute of Art; 1996.


REINA, Ruben E. & KENSINGER, Kenneth M., editors. The gift of birds. Featherwork of native South American peoples. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania University Museum; 1991. University Museum Monograph 75.

RENAUDEAU, M. (photo), N. WANONO (text) , J. ROUCH (preface). Les Dogon. Paris: 1996 Cloth, d.j. 191pp., 264 colour, 45 b/w, 1 line, map.


SAVARY, C. Poids a peser du Musee d'Ethnographique de Geneve. Geneve: 1968

SCHWAB, George (1876-1955). Tribes of the Liberian hinterland. Cambridge, Mass.: Peabody Museum; 1947 & Millwood, N.Y.: Kraus Reprints; 1974.

SEGY, Ladislas. African sculpture speaks. New York: Da Capo Press; 4th ed. enlarged, 1975, pages 171-2.

SNOWDEN, Frank. Blacks in antiquity.

Social rite & personal delight: African art from Baltimore collections. Baltimore Museum of Art, June 17 through August 3, 1975.


TAGLIAFERRI, A. & A. HAMMACHER. Fabulous Ancestors: Stone Carvings from Sierra Leone and Guinea. New York: 1974. 196pp., 81 b/w,2 maps. Cloth, d.j.


UDEKEM, M-E & M. KLOBE. African Ivories. New York: 1978. 36pp, 30 b/w Stapled. Wraps

UNDERWOOD, L. Bronzes of West Africa. London: 1949. viii, 96pp., 69 b/w, 4 line diag.,map. Cloth

UNDERWOOD, L. Figures in Wood of West Africa/ Statuettes en bois de l'Afrique occidentale. London: 1948. 98pp., 69 b/w,map. Text: English & French. Cloth, d.j.

UNDERWOOD, L. Masks of West Africa/Masques de l'Afrique occidentale. London: 1948. 98pp., 52 b/w, map. Text: English & French. Cloth, d.j.

UTZINGER, R. Masken. Berlin: n. d. 68pp., 51 b/w. Text: German. Wraps


VAN DAMME, A. De maskensculptuur binnen het Poro-Genootschap van de Loma. Ghent; 1987.


WARDWELL, Allen. Three African Traditions: The Art of the Dogon, Fang and Songye. Greenwich: Bruce Museum; 1999. 11" x 8.5" 47pp., 64 pieces illustrated in colour & b/w

WASSING, René S. African art. Its background and traditions. NY: Portland House; 1988 [1968 ed. reprint]

WILLIAM, Joanna Gottfried. Princeton, 1982. The art of Gupta India: empire and province.



YAMAMURA, A. (photographs), M. MBODJ (introduction). Senegal - A Country and Its People. New York: 1995. 112pp., 88 colour, 2 colour maps. Cloth, d.j.

YATES, R., J. PARKINGTON & T. MANHIRE. Pictures from the Past- a history of the interpretation of rock paintings and engravings of southern Africa. Pietermaritzburg: 1990. 60pp., 29 line,2 maps. Wraps

YOUNGE, G.(text), Archbishop D.TUTU (forward). Art of the South African Townships. New York 1988. 96pp. 95 colour, 62 b/w. Wraps


ZASLAVSKY, C. (text), CLARKE, J.H. (intro). Africa counts. Number and pattern in African culture. Boston: 1973. 8vo. 328 pp, 110 b/w, 114 line, 2 charts, 7 maps, biblio. 2 maps. Describes numeration systems, mystical attributes of numbers, geometry in art and architecture, and mathematical games, all of which reveal a highly developed understanding of mathematics among African peoples.

ZELLER, Rudolf. Die Goldgewichte von Asante. Baessler-Archiv: Leipzig; 1912.

ZINK, G. & ZINK, I. Die Afrikanische kunst und die gemalde von Gunther Zink/African art and paintings by Gnther Zink. 1990, Frangart: 1990. 72 pp, 23 color, 41 b/w. Text: English, French & German. Contrasts traditional African objects with paintings by this contemporary German painter who incorporates African aesthetics in his art.

ZWERNEMANN, J. & LOHSE, W. Aus Africa. Ahnen-Geister-Gotter. Hamburg: 1985. 8vo. 190 pp, 50 color, 180 b/w, 4 maps, biblio. Presents the holdings of Hamburg's Museum fr Vlkerkunde representing 68 peoples from west, central, and east Africa.

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