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We know that choosing a gift can be difficult. Why not eliminate the guesswork by letting your intended recipient choose for him or herself! Our Gift Certificates are easy to buy and redeem. Just fill out the form below and click the Send button.  NOTE: Use Tab and your mouse to move thru this page, not your Enter key (which will Send the document.)

Please provide the following information:

1. If you wish, we will print the name of the sender, the name of the recipient, and a message on the Gift Certificate. Or, you can leave these fields blank, have the Gift Certificate mailed directly to you, and fill in the blanks yourself.
2. Gift Certificate amount (whole dollars only):
$   (minimum is U.S. $50.00)
3. Please type the message you would like to appear on the Gift Certificate:
(maximum is 120 characters, or approximately 15 to 18 words)
4. Would you prefer to send an electronic  or mailed  Gift Certificate?
E-mail.  Please enter the recipient's e-mail address.

Paper.  Send the Gift Certificate to this mailing address:

5. Your Information

Please enter your e-mail address:
Please re-check your e-mail address; one small typo and we won't be able to communicate with you about your order!

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Print this page for your records before Sending!


You may pay for your Gift Certificate using our Billing Form. Gift Certificates have a 2-year expiration date and no cash value.


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