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Upper Mustang, Nepal

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5 May - 20 May 2020


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Below is a list of the photographers who will be leading this trip. Both have many years of experience as photographers and adventure travelers in Mustang and other remote areas of the world.



Wilbur Norman is a Santa Fe writer and photographer who studied social anthropology and has owned rare book and tribal art galleries. His first camera was his father's bakelite 120/220 Ansco Panda. He has ‘upgraded’ many times to where he now feels somewhat competent to handle his current image-making tools: the Leica M10, Leica M246 Monochrom, and several of the Fuji X-cameras; kit chosen for the beautiful rendering produced by their companion lenses. He is quite partial to black and white whether on film or on digital, except in the tropics, and in commerce, where color is (usually!) king.

Wilbur has led tours for photographers on three continents. His work may be viewed here and has been exhibited in Santa Fe, NM, USA; Havana, Cuba; The Louvre Museum in Paris; the Leica Users Group 2014 Yearbook; LFI (Leica Foto International magazine), etc.




Tsewang Jonden Bista is the nephew of the Late King of Mustang and was born in the village of Charang, Mustang. He is a tourism entrepreneur and social worker and conducts specialized tours in his homeland. He has been working in Mustang for the last 26 years and has in-depth knowledge of its locales, customs and practices. He has worked with The National Geographic, Discovery Channel and WGBH USA. He is also a founding member of the non-governmental organization (NGO) called Lo Gyalpo Jigme Foundation for Cultural Conservation, working in Upper Mustang to uplift the life of the Loba people and conserve the rich cultural heritage of his ancestors. He has also authored a booklet in collaboration with UNESCO on the important and famous Tiji festival of Mustang.




Our fantastic guide, Pema Sherpa. Most everyone has heard about the incredible warmth, cheer, initiative and strength of Nepal's sherpas upon whom expeditions depend. Pema is an exemplar of these heroes of the Himalaya. Pema knows every nook and cranny of Upper Mustang and is friends with the royal family. He also knows what Westerners need in terms of dietary hygiene and fills in as cook; no one on our trips has ever gotten sick when traveling with Pema and his watchful eye. (As if guide and cook are not enough he also fills in as Wilbur's camera sherpa, a useful position for one who only uses primes and is often switching lenses and bodies. Four hands good, two hands bad!)





We are often fortunate to have the company and advice of Luigi Fieni. Luigi has many awards and publications to his credit. He has worked in Upper Mustang for over 20 seasons training local artists in the conservation, restoration and preservation of the ancient monastery paintings that abound in Mustang. His knowledge and good cheer are always a plus. His work may be viewed here.






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The secret to being a street photographer … is that you have to think at least 5 seconds ahead. You have to see the picture coming. Because by the time you see it, if you haven’t taken a picture, by that time it’s gone. – Antonio Olmos

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