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books      Recommended Reading for Papua New Guinea

          Want to know more about photography in and on Cuba before you sally forth?
          Here are some reading suggestions.

  • David Gillison.  New Guinea Ceremonies. NY: Abrams; 2002.

  • Michael Moran.   Beyond the Coral Sea. Travels in the Old Empires of the Southwest Pacific London: Harper Collins; 2003.

  • J Maarten Troost.  Getting Stoned With the Savages. A trip Through the Islands of Fiji and Vanuatu. NY: Broadway Books; 2006.

  • David Stanley.  South Pacific Handbook. Chico, CA.: Moon Publications; various years.

  • Malcolm Gladwell.  Outliers. The Story of Success. NY: Little, Brown and Company; 2008

  • Steven Pressfield.  Do The Work! Overcome Resistance And Get Out of Your Own Way. The Domino Project, 2011

    More reading material later!
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