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Time Payment Plan

For the convenience of those who cannot afford to pay the total amount of an intended purchase in one lump sum Coup de Foudre LLC does offer the option of Time Payments. We have done this successfully for twenty years and the continued offer of this program depends on buyers' faithful adherance to the mutual arrangements agreed upon.

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NOTE: Do not use % symbol. Enter only numeric values using decimal points where needed.

As a general practice we ask for a percentage of the total price as a Deposit and spread the balance over a twelve month period. (Longer pay-outs are available for high-dollar purchases.) You may experiment with contemplated payments using our Calculator to the right or go to our Calculator page which has fuller instructions.

Customers known to us are often allowed to take the merchandise with them upon payment of the Deposit and execution of an Agreement incorporating both this page and our standard Terms and Conditions. Beginning in the autumn of 2001 we will require a series of post-dated checks covering the purchase amount and agreed-upon payment period. Additionally, we will begin assessing a penalty fee for late payments — something we have talked about but never actually implemented.

All buyers using our Time Payment plan must supply their home and business addresses and phone numbers and agree to notify us of any changes in these. We verify these items before turning over merchandise.

Non-payment of the full monthly installment payment in an amount equaling three months in arrears shall constitute a buyer's default on the Time Payment Agreement. Upon default the buyer must surrender the item(s) back to Coup de Foudre, LLC, or our assigns, or pay the total balance within 15 days, whichever we demand. Further arrears, if we allow them, will incur a penalty fee at the rate of 1 per cent per month on the unpaid balance.

In the event of default by you, the buyer, state law allows us to retain and keep up to 10% of the total purchase price of the item(s) [if we decide to accept a return] should we find it necessary to recover the item(s). Any balance due you from payments you have made will be paid to you when we re-sell the item or within 18 months, whichever comes first (or earlier at our discretion.) The item(s) must be in the same condition as when delivered to you and be free of any claims by third parties, that is, you may not re-sell the item(s) until you have paid for it/them in full. Insured shipping costs for the return of an item(s) to Coup de Foudre, LLC will be borne by the buyer. The buyer who is in default agrees to pay the cost of any and all expenses and fees we incur in a recovery effort.

Your signature on the Invoice is deemed your acceptance of the Time Payment Agreement, waiving any right to demand change to any part of it. The laws of the State of Delaware govern this agreement.

Title to the items purchased under our Time Payment Plan pass to you, the Buyer, only upon payment by you to Coup de Foudre, LLC of the Total Purchase Price at which the said items are ordered and invoiced, and not otherwise. The acceptance of a check, note, trade acceptance or other commercial paper by Coup de Foudre, LLC is not deemed payment until said check, note, trade acceptance or other commercial paper shall have been paid according to the terms hereof. A payment by you, the Buyer, to Coup de Foudre, LLC of less than the invoice price shall not be deemed a part payment and shall not transfer Title to you, the Buyer, but shall be considered merely as a deposit for the particular items ordered and invoiced and Title shall remain in Coup de Foudre, LLC until payment in full by you, the Buyer.

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