A Reggae jam in de islands, mon We travel a great deal and sometimes cannot access email nor respond to orders and information requests. These 'out of touch' periods can range from a day or two to a couple of weeks. If we have not responded to an email, letter or phone call, check below for a note on our return to the business and cyber world.

PLEASE NOTE!  Though this is an Internet Site our goal is to work Monday thru Friday only. While one of us may check email on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, this is not guaranteed!

We are scheduled to exhibit or will be attending the following show or event:

International Gem & Mineral Shows
27 January - 3 February 2006

Arts of Pacific Asia Show
Ft. Mason Center
San Francisco
3 - 5 February 2006

Tribal & Textile Arts Show
Ft. Mason Center
San Francisco
10 - 12 February 2006

Collectors Show & Sale
Blaisdell Center
24 - 26 February 2006

NYC Asia Week
New York
24 March - 4 April 2006

Arts of Pacific Asia Show
Gramercy Park Armory
New York
30 March - 2 April 2006

Himalayan Fair
Live Oak Park
20 -21 May 2006

International Tribal & Textile Arts Show
Gramercy Park Armory
New York
20 - 23 May 2006

Historic Indian Art /Tribal Art Show & Sale
Shellenberger Tennis Center
College of Santa Fe
Santa Fe, NM
August 2006

Los Angeles Asian & Tribal Shows
Civic Auditorium
Santa Monica
29 Sept - 1 October 2006

Away for an Auction, Appraisal or Buying Trip:

Jucker Collection of Himalayan Paintings
New York
28 March 2006

On a Research Expedition for our forthcoming book & film:

a Lava Lamp from the 'good ol' days'  On sailing holiday:

fish creelflyfisherman

Annual Fishing Trip

Tom Hank's companion 'Wilson' from the movie Castaway

On a boat delivery until ________ (approximate date. Weather and oceans are unpredictable and I may be days off original calculation.)

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